How to Avoid Buying a Lemon Car

04 Jan

You have already heard it in the past, whenever you will buy a car, you should ensure that you won't be buying a lemon. But, what does this really mean? Well, an automobile can be considered as a lemon if it has numerous defects that would affect its safety features, uses, and many more. Also, if the car needs to be repaired more than 4 times due to similar defects, but still it is within its warranty period and the specific problem or defect hasn't been fixed. So, these can really become problems that would range from your automobile to not go beyond a specific mph or won't start whenever it is exposed in certain temperatures. For example, it won't start if the weather is too cold. But, when your car could be fixed, then it is not considered as a lemon.

So, you already know and understand what a lemon car means. But, the question is, how could you avoid buying such kind of car?

First, you should ask for the car's history report. Also, you could obtain a lemon check, as there are various places that are offering these types of services. The lemon check generally checks the car's specifics against the database of cars in which the car manufacturers would buy back. Whenever you will obtain a positive lemon check, then you have to look for another dealer. See this post for example:

Secondly, you have to check out some of the consumers' reports and try to compare some of the reviews from different models and makes that interests you the most.

You should also not forget to read some of the car complaints by means of visiting several websites like of Lemon Proof or calling certain telephone numbers. You can find these in the website of the car dealerships, specifically in the commentary section.

Lastly, you have to ask the dealer about the technicalities of the car itself. Make sure that you have conducted your initial researches and studies beforehand.

If you happen to procure a car and figured out that it is actually a lemon, then you must be able to prove it. So, you should be able to follow some of the instructions or guidelines so that you will not waste your time and the fault won't be deflected to you. Moreover, you should keep all the invoices and receipts of attempting to fix the problems within period of warranty and you must have to prove that the problems are repeatedly happening. Even though the repairs are done without fees, you must still obtain the invoice. Find out some more facts, here are details from the Lemon Proof site.

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